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1 February 2018

Mapping the interaction site and effect of the Siglec-9 inflammatory biomarker on human primary amine oxidase

Lopes de Carvalho L, Elovaara H, de Ruyck J, Vergoten G, Jalkanen S, Guédez G, Salminen TA

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1 February 2018

The O-β-linked N-acetylglucosaminylation of the Lamin B receptor and its impact on DNA binding and phosphorylation

Smet-Nocca C, Page A, Cantrelle FX, Nikolakaki E, Landrieu I, Giannakouros T

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15 November 2017

RINspector: a Cytoscape app for centrality analyses and DynaMine flexibility prediction

Brysbaert G, Lorgouilloux K, Vranken W, Lensink MF

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