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Weekly seminar UGSF - Eva-Maria KRAMMER - 23th march 2018 - CCHB - Amphitheater


"The bacterial adhesin FimH - Insight from molecular simulation studies "

Animated by : Eva-Maria KRAMMER, Post-Doctorante "Biologie systémique moléculaire et computationnelle", de l’UMR 8576 - Université de Lille

Abstract :

The most prevalent diseases manifested by E. coli are bladder infections and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. These bacteria express the FimH adhesin, which consists of a mannose-specific lectin domain connected via a pilin domain. Mannosidic compounds were shown to bind into the lectin domain thereby inhibiting FimH binding to its human receptor. Such anti-adhesive compounds present promising non-antibiotic treatment alternatives against E. coli infections.
Molecular simulation allows to gain insight into the molecular organization of the FimH inhibitor complex and into the dynamics of the system. In this talk I will summarize how we combined molecular simulations and experimental techniques to gain a molecular understanding of different FimH inhibitor complexes.

Friday 23th march 2018 at 11.00am at CCHB - Amphitheater