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Weekly seminar UGSF - Corentin SPRIET- 9th november 2018 - C9 - Salle André Verbert


"Contemporary art at UGSF ?!"
Nathalie Stefanov, Pierre Pauze, Jean-François Bodart, Adele Tilouine, Patricia Nagnan-Le Meillour, Corentin Spriet

Animated by : Corentin SPRIET, Scientific and technical manager of imaging plateform TisBIO »

During the past few years, UGSF members developed interdisciplinarity toward contemporary art. During this talk, I will mainly focus on “Prist”, an art research program dedicated to images, science and technologies and developed in collaboration with Esä. The founder’s aim of this program is to provide a new way to teach art through innovative manifestation at the interface between art and science. Thus, artists and students are in direct collaboration with scientists from various fields, which lead to new plastic forms inspired by science iconography and concepts.

I will present how scientists and artists can work together and illustrate these collaborations by some of the creations we produced. I will also describe the benefits a laboratory can get in term of mediation, education and production.

Friday, 9th november 2018 at 11.00am at C9 - Salle André Verbert