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Seminar of the UGSF - 24th of march 2017


"The role of Protein Phosphorylation and protein-protein interactions in regulating starch biosynthesis"

Speaker : Pr Michael J. EMES, University of Guelph, Canada
Invited Professor of the University Lille 1

Invited by the team « Glycobiologie Végétale »

Abstract :
"Starch is a major source of calories for humankind and yet there remain significant gaps in our knowledge about how it is synthesised in plants. Cereal seeds accounts for about 90% of all agriculturally produced starch on the planet, where it is synthesised in amyloplasts of developing endosperm prior to maturation. Biosynthesis involves at least three classes of stromal enzymes to produce the insoluble, highly organised, semi-crystalline structure of amylopectin, which is the major glucan polymer of starch. Starch synthases, starch branching enzymes and debranching enzymes are found as multiple, stromal isoforms whose activities within the amyloplasts must be tightly coordinated in order to form repeating glucan clusters, reproducibly. In this presentation, I will review the evidence that at least some classes of starch synthases and starch branching enzymes form heteromeric enzyme complexes whose association is regulated by protein phosphorylation. Biochemical and cell biological approaches have been used, along with the study of mutants, to understand the centrality of these mechanisms to starch synthesis and how disruption of these interactions can affect starch structure.

On the Friday 24th of march 2017 à 11h00 in’UGSF - CCHB - Amphithéâtre