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Seminar of Dr Bruno Goud, Friday the 25th of September 2015 at 11.00am at CERLA (University Lille 1)

Multiple roles of the Rab6 GTPase in transport events at the Golgi level !

Dr. Bruno GOUD
DRCE CNRS -Médaille d’argent CNRS 2011
Directeur de l’UMR 144 CNRS « Compartimentation et dynamique cellulaires » de l’Institut Curie (Paris)
Directeur de l’équipe « Mécanismes moléculaires du transport intracellulaire »

Invité par le Dr. François Foulquier (UGSF – UMR8576 CNRS – FR3688 CNRS FRABio)

le vendredi 25 Septembre 2015 à 11h – Amphithéâtre Pierre Glorieux (Bâtiment CERLA - Université Lille 1)

Abstract :

Rab GTPases (>60 in man) are master regulators of intracellular transport and membrane trafficking in eukaryotic cells. Rab6 is one of the most conserved Rab GTPase throughout evolution and the most abundant Rab protein associated with the Golgi complex.
The two ubiquitous Rab6 isoforms, Rab6A and Rab6A’, that are generated by alternative splicing of the RAB6A gene, regulate several transport steps at the Golgi level, including retrograde transport between endosomes and Golgi, anterograde transport between Golgi and the plasma membrane, and intra-Golgi and Golgi to endoplasmic reticulum transport.
In addition, RAB6A is an essential gene required for normal embryonic development.