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Séminaire hebdomadaire de l’UGSF du vendredi 29 janvier

Kinetic proofreading of chromatin remodeling

Animé par :


du groupe « Biologie systemique moleculaire et computationelle »

le vendredi 29 janvier à 11h 00, amphithéâtre de l’IRI/IRCICA

Résumé :

The notion of "kinetic proofreading" refers to biochemical processes which allow for error-correction in the selection of their substrates. The best-known occurrence of this mechanism is in mRNA translation where it assures the very low error-rate in the composition of amino acids into proteins. Recently, this mechanism has also been invoked in the context of chromatin remodeling which is an ATP-dependent mechanism to displace nucleosomes on DNA. For remodelers from two different families of these enzymes I show how histone tail modifications in combination with ATP-dependent remodeling act in both gene activation and inactivation.