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Séminaire hebdomadaire UGSF - Shin-Yi YU - 5 octobre 2018 - CCHB Amphithéâtre


"Does Fc-glycosylation of autoantibodies play a role in the Multiple Sclerosis ??"

Animé par : Shin-Yi YU, Chercheur de l’UMR 8576 - Université de Lille

De l’Equipe "Glycobiologie structurale des intéractions hôtes-pathogènes", Yann Guérardel

Résumé :

In many autoimmune diseases, the appearance of antibodies target to self-antigens is well established. A change of serum and/or IgG glycosylation associates strongly with different inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. However, it is unclear to what extend changes of glycosylation on antibodies trigger or modulate diseases. Therefore, in this project, we would like to confer if the different Fc-glycosylation of autoantibody may contribute to the immune activity in multiple sclerosis (MS) and/or other demyelinating diseases.

During this seminar, we will first present new technological developments aimed at deciphering the glycosylation profiles of glycoproteins including the differential analysis and quantification of a2,3 and/or a2,6 sialylation versus non-sialylated glycans in a single MALDI-MS spectrum, as well as the LC-MS/MS analysis of glycosylation sites of glycoforms. Glycopeptide analysis was developed as a collaborative project by PAGés and P3M platforms. Then, we will present our preliminary results using these methods that demonstrate the presence of various glycan profiles and site-specific glycosylation on different recombinant antibodies, which affect the levels of pathology in the animal model.

Le vendredi 5 octobre 2018 à 11h00 au CCHB - Amphithéâtre