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Séminaire hebdomadaire UGSF - Jérôme De Ruyck - 21 septembre 2018 - C9 - Salle André Verbert


"Modeling of the glycosylation processes : The GlycoMoBil toolbox"

Animé par : Jérôme De Ruyck, Maître de Conférence de l’UMR 8576 - Université de Lille

De l’Equipe "Biologie Computationnelle moléculaire et systémique", Marc Lensink

Résumé :

Research targeted to understand the effect of glycosylation on specific protein structures and functions, uses experimental techniques such as genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology or even physical chemistry. Most often, the associated cost is substantial and results only indirectly obtained. Complementary to these techniques, molecular modeling may be used, which, by use of empirical and theoretical models and simulations, provides a molecular picture of the interactions and processes involved, and at marginal cost. In spite of the maturity that the research area of molecular modeling by now has obtained, as evidenced by the multitude of modeling approaches that can be used to study even complex biological processes such as protein-protein interaction and substrate binding, there exists no suitable set of tools that is able to tackle the complexity of glycosylation reactions, let alone handle the immense structural diversity and flexibility of glycans at the same time.

The GlycoMoBil (Glycosylation Modeler and Builder) project, which was submitted to the Regional Council, fits perfectly in this topic. We propose to address relevant biological questions by means of developing an as-of-yet unexisting molecular modeling toolbox. Our theoretical results can and will be confronted to experimental data, which will subsequently lead to the improvement of the software. In addition, our simulations will in turn provide our collaborators with valuable insight in order to more efficiently decipher their experimental results and help in the design of new experiments and at a reduced cost.

Le vendredi 21 septembre 2018 à 11h00 au C9 - Salle André Verbert