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Computational Molecular Systems Biology

Ralf Blossey


I am a statistical physicist by training. Throughout the roughly first ten years of my career my research was mainly on wetting phenomena, in particular the dynamic behaviour near first-order transitions in various physical systems (classical fluids, polymer thin fims, quantum fluids…). In the new millennium my interest shifted towards biophysical applications of statistical physics approaches, the two main lines being processes related to gene regulation and macromolecular electrostatics. In the period 2003-2013 I directed this research team at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Lille under its former name « Biological Nanosystems ». In 2014, the team joined the research laboratory on glycobiology UGSF. In line with this move, the team is now directed by Marc F. Lensink and has shifted its main focus on computational structural biology.
Details of my CV can be found here :

Ralf Blossey - CV

My publication list is here :

Ralf Blossey - Publications