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RINspector : combines centrality analyses with DynaMine flexibility predictions

RINspector is an app for the Cytoscape network visualisation and analysis software ( It performs centrality analyses on residue interaction networks and retrieves DynaMine flexibility predictions of protein chains. Residues Interaction Networks (RIN) are networks that are generated from 3D structures of proteins where nodes are residues and edges are interactions between residues, detected in the structure. Centrality analyses permit to identify key residues that are important for the function or folding of a protein. The app connects to the DynaMine server to retrieve the backbone dynamics of a protein chain. RINspector combines both centrality analyses and flexibility predictions in order to discover residues that are essential for the function of proteins.

Available on the Cytoscape app store here.

A tutorial for RINspector is available here :

RINspector 1.1.0 - Tutorial