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Computational Molecular Systems Biology


The CMSB team develops applicable knowledge and technology in the study of molecular recognition and dynamics, using primarily computational and crystallographic techniques. This is done by way of a pragmatic and collaborative approach, working at the interface of biology and physics, applying a combination of multi-scale modeling approaches and structural biology techniques to relevant biological questions. Although there is a natural overlap between the various topics, the main axes of research are :

- Computational modeling and dynamics of biomolecular systems
- Structural biology of protein-carbohydrate interactions
- Protein interaction and regulatory networks
- Statistical physics of biomolecular interactions

Our team is an active member of the Bilille bioinformatics platform, with responsibilities in the Management Bureau, in the organization of workshop and training courses, and in providing high-performance computing resources. We are also a member of the CAPRI protein-protein docking Management Committee and a key member in the organization of prediction rounds.

Key words : Bioinformatics, molecular dynamics, statistical physics, biophysics, structural biology, structural bioinformatics, protein crystallography, CAPRI, membrane proteins, protein docking, protein-protein interaction, bacterial adhesion, glycan receptors, network analysis, protein-carbohydrate interaction.