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Interaction study between HCV NS5A-D2 and NS5B using 19F NMR

Dujardin M, Cantrelle FX, Lippens G, Hanoulle X

The non structural protein 5A (NS5A) regulates the replication of the hepatitis C viral RNA through a direct molecular interaction of its domain 2 (NS5A-D2) with the RNA dependent RNA polymerase NS5B. Because of conflicting data in the literature, we study here this molecular interaction using fluorinated versions of the NS5A-D2 protein derived from the JFH1 Hepatitis C Virus strain. Two methods to prepare fluorine-labelled NS5A-D2 involving the biosynthetic incorporation of a 19F-tryptophan using 5-fluoroindole and the posttranslational introduction of fluorine by chemical conjugation of 2-iodo-N-(trifluoromethyl)acetamide with the NS5A-D2 cysteine side chains are presented. The dissociation constants (KD) between NS5A-D2 and NS5B obtained with these two methods are in good agreement, and yield values comparable to those derived previously from a surface plasmon resonance study. We compare benefits and limitations of both labeling methods to study the interaction between an intrinsically disordered protein and a large molecular target by 19F NMR.

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