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First MOOC about NMR spectroscopy at the University of Lille (Chemistry department)

You can register to the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) created within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Lille. This MOOC, entitled Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, a compass for the nanoworld, aims at providing students and professionals the basic knowledge about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and an overview of its applications. The teachers of this MOOC are Olivier Lafon (coordinator, UCCS, CNRS UMR 8181), Cédric Lion (UGSF, CNRS UMR 8576), Emmanuel Maes (UGSF), Frédérique Pourpoint (UCCS), Robert Schneider (UGSF) and Julien Trébosc (UCCS). The University of Lille belongs to the French network for high-field NMR spectroscopy (IR-RMN THC, FR 3050). This MOOC hosted by FUN platform will start on November 3rd 2015.