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15 November 2017

RINspector: a Cytoscape app for centrality analyses and DynaMine flexibility prediction

Brysbaert G, Lorgouilloux K, Vranken W, Lensink MF

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3 November 2017

NMR reveals the intrinsically disordered domain 2 of NS5A protein as an allosteric regulator of the hepatitis C virus RNA polymerase NS5B

Bessa LM, Launay H, Dujardin M, Cantrelle FX, Lippens G, Landrieu I, Schneider R, Hanoulle X

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22 September 2017

Solution structure of the N-terminal domain of Mediator subunit MED26 and molecular characterization of its interaction with EAF1 and TAF7

Lens Z, Cantrelle FX, Peruzzini R, Hanoulle X, Dewitte F, Ferreira E, Baert JL, Monté D, Aumercier M, Villeret V, Verger A, Landrieu I

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