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Heptylmannose-functionalized cellulose for the binding and specific detection of pathogenic E. coli

Cauwel M, Sivignon A, Bridot C, Nongbe MC, Deniaud D, Roubinet B, Landemarre L, Felpin FX, Bouckaert J, Barnich N, Gouin SG

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Assembly of B4GALT1/ST6GAL1 heteromers in the Golgi membranes involves lateral interactions via highly charged surface domains

Khoder-Agha F, Harrus D, Brysbaert G, Lensink MF, Harduin-Lepers A, Glumoff T, Kellokumpu S

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A Golgi-associated redox switch regulates catalytic activation and cooperative functioning of ST6Gal-I with B4GalT-I

Hassinen A, Khoder-Agha F, Khosrowabadi E, Mennerich D, Harrus D, Noel M, Dimova EY, Glumoff T, Harduin-Lepers A, Kietzmann T, Kellokumpu S

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